Malcolm X Day

May 19, 2024

uplifting the legacy of

el hajj malik el-shabazz

Sunday 6-9p
4605 Cass Ave
Detroit MI 48201

*Free & open to the public


If you are interested in vending at the event, please fill out the form and you will hear back from organizers. There is a $25 registration fee for non-food vendors and a $50 fee for food vendors.

Register HERE.

Malcolm X Day is a holiday in honor of Malcolm X that is celebrated on either May 19 or the third Friday of May. The commemoration of the legendary leader in the struggle Black liberation has been proposed as an official holiday.

In celebrating Malcolm X, his work, his ideas, his teachings, his organizations, and his revolutionary spirit, we stand proudly on the principles of collective self-determination, community self-affirmation,  revolutionary self-defense, Black power, and international solidarity among all people fighting for human rights and dignity.